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All Prices are Pre HST (unless otherwise indicated)

Membership Types


Fee as a %
of Full Adult

One-time Enrollment

Fitness Only Membership (no Squash included)

Rates require One Year Commitment   
Student (Valid Student Card)
/ EMS/ Corporate
Child (<16 Yrs old)$40.0042%$49.00

Squash & Fitness (both Doubles and Singles)

Rates require One Year Commitment   
Adult >29 Yrs old (30 or older)$125.00100%$49.00
Adult<30 & EMS (under 30 or EMS)$85.0068%$49.00
Student (Valid Student Card)$65.0052%$49.00
Child (<16 Yrs old)$50.0026%$49.00

Ask us about our one-month Trial Squash Membership and/or our Squash Passes designed for those that live out of town

Fitness Day Fee (*Day Fees Include HST)   
Adult (anyone over 15)$20.00100%nil
Student/EMS (Valid Student Card) &/or <16$10.0050%nil
Student/EMS (Valid Student Card) &/or <16$10.0050%nil

Family Pass (for Adults and their children living at home and/or who are full time students (valid student card required)

Ideal for those who travel in packs….    
  Fitness OnlySquash & Fitness 
Parent 1 $55.00$125.00$49.00
Parent 2 $55.00$100.00$49.00
1st ChildDiscount$30%$30%$49.00
2nd ChildDiscount$30%$30%$49.00
3rd & subsequent childDiscount$30%$30%$49.00

Also check out our Special Promotions – we may be running a promotion that fits your needs (i.e. Summer Student pass, etc.)
We also offer Corporate Discounts based upon a minimum of 5 members from the same Corporation
If you can’t commit to an annual Membership we also offer shorter-term packages